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The goal of this website is to have information about all the famous and useful programming algorithms. This site provides a logical approach to implement the algorithms practically in detail covering all the basics including the prerequisites.This however does not provide the actual code for the algorithm written in any language but explains the algorithms enough in depth that any beginner programmer can accomplish the task of coding the algorithm without the need of copying the source.

The information here may sometimes be wrong or inaccurate as I learn, code and then write tutorials by referring to various sources across the internet and through my own experiences while implementing it. Thus I consider myself as a learner who can make mistakes, so if you see anything wrong anywhere or have doubts regarding the implementation in any language please let me know through the comments section. C++ is the language I am familiar with and thus would be able to help more if the doubt is regarding the implementation in the same language.

About author:

I am a 22 year old programming enthusiast. I love learning new algorithms, coding competitive programs, though I don’t like participating in competitions. Reserved kinda guy but still like meeting intelligent people and learning through their experiences. I love teaching anyone, anything I can. This is my first website ever and I hope to continue learning many more algorithms and writing about them here.I am also into bodybuilding, badminton and basketball in sports.

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